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blaine softball v conway 09-06 slawsonIMG_3405

As a Conway batter misses, junior Blaine Dennis catches on Sept. 6. The Lions softball team currently stands at 9-0.

cameron baseball mhs tourney v gainesville 09-05 rhash, rroyIMG_3224

Facing Gainesville in the MHS tournament, senior Cameron Shores throws to first from the pitcher’s mound on Sept. 5. Unfortunately, the Lions fell to the Bulldogs.

By: Natosha Parker

Spring softball is coming up, and the team has lots of support coming from classmates.

Coach Chris Russo said that he is very hopeful that his team will make MHS proud this season.

As sophomore Christie Banister said, “Play hard.”

By: Brett Greer

With senior leadership and experience coming back to MHS baseball, the spring is going to be fierce.

“I expect us to have a successful season, work hard and play well,” coach Roger Wood said.

Doug Jones, athletic director, agreed.

“The key this year is going to be hitting the ball,” Jones said. He also said that he is very optimistic with the first game of the season coming up on March 21 against rival Ava.

“The Ava game is going to be a tough rivalry this year,” Jones said.

Unfortunately only 13 players are on the roster this season. With such small numbers, each player is going to have to commit, work hard in practice and come to play ball.

“We only want the players on our team that want to be there and come to play,” senior Curtis Carnal said.

“Some play ball; some don’t,” Wood added.

By: MaKayla Cox

Friday, Feb. 1 at 6:30 p.m., Homecoming was held in the MHS gym. JV played first and won by five. the crowning of Homecoming Queen was held at 7:30.

As candidates, ball players and cheerleaders walked out, the anticipation to know who was Homecoming Queen dwelled within the crowd. Finally, the senior candidates came out in their long, beautiful dresses, feeling nervous and gorgeous, waiting to know who the queen of 1013 would be.

“We did things a little different this year,” Mindy Lemons, faculty adviser, said. “Everyone seemed to like the changes, and overall I feel that it was a success.”

The last half of the varsity game was very intense. Players from both teams fouled several times in a matter of five minutes.

“The MVP, I think, for Conway would be Tristan Vaughn,” senior Carter Quirk, guard, said, “and the MVP for our team would be Jacob Caruso.”

Coming at you: Taking the ball toward the Lions' basket, senior Curtis Carnal outpaces two Cabool Bulldogs on Dec. 18.
Coming at you: Taking the ball toward the Lions’ basket, senior Curtis Carnal outpaces two Cabool Bulldogs on Dec. 18.
Over the top: Fighting back against Plato's Lady Eagles, sophomore Blaine Dennis puts up a shot on Dec. 17.
Over the top: Fighting back against Plato’s Lady Eagles, sophomore Blaine Dennis puts up a shot on Dec. 17.

The Mansfield Invitational Tournament began Monday, Dec. 3, with a pep rally during seventh period. Lead by Stuco members, students cheered basketball team players, listened to the pep band, and played games to kick off the annual tournament.

Crazy candy: Representing her class in a relay race, sophomore Kailey Morris moves M&M candies across the gym using only a straw.
Up for two: Sophomore Kailey Morris puts a shot up against Bradleyville on Nov. 29.
Mighty, mighty Lion: Powering over two Houston opponents, senior Ryan Elliott, puts one up during Tuesday’s game. The Lions beat Houston 44-28 in the Nov. 27 game.