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Pi day

Pi day

High school students celebrate Pi Day by throwing pies at administrators. (Sponsored by Math Club)


National Honor Society

National Honor Society inducts new members on March 7.

social studies 02-07

Technology in action

High school students use technology in class on Feb. 07.

Hannah Kelley visits middle school

Civics lesson

Middle school students talk with state representative Hannah Kelly in the library on Jan. 20.


Helping others

Math Club donates to Toys for Tots on Jan. 20.

English contest

English contest

High school students participate in Summit English Contest on Jan. 11.


But who gets to be the race car?

Accounting students apply their skills to Monopoly on Nov. 30.


The public has a right to know

High school students create content in Journalism on Nov. 8.


Tech time

Sixth grade students use technology to learn on Nov. 3


Reading time

Fifth grade students take time to read in class on Nov. 3.